Welcome to EEK! Advertising. We do apologize for not having a full Web site of our own ...we have been too busy serving our clients to complete it....it should be ready soon!

In the meantime, this is a capabilities list for EEK! Advertising. While not entirely inclusive, it does list the major areas of expertise. Have something in mind that's not included? Please call us and explain what your ideas are. More than likely, we'll be able to help you. Please e-mail EEK! at eek@adexec.com.

· Advertising - Design, production and handling the placement of advertisements in magazines, newspapers, outdoor companies, etc...

· Brochures and Product Catalogs - Whether it's a 1-color, one page flyer or a multi-page 4-color catalog, we can create it from concept to completion.

· Logos & Corporate Identity Packages - We'll custom design company and product logos, and apply them to corporate identity packages (business cards, letterhead, uniforms, etc...)

· Specialty Items - Thousands of items to choose from! From a simple pen with your name and logo on it to shirts with custom embroidery, we can find an item that's right for you.

· Newsletters - Need to communicate with your customers or employees on a regular basis? We can help by designing and producing your newsletters, and we can even handle your mailing lists and distribution on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis (or whatever timeframe you require).

· Interactive - Need a web-site? Interactive CD-ROM? Or maybe a presentation produced with Macromedia Director or Flash? We can design, develop and maintain most Interactive projects.

· Trade Shows - We can design and produce signage, back-lit displays, posters, handouts, and even help with the design and graphics for your trade show booth. EEK! is capable of handling everything you need to communicate an effective and graphically consistent message.

Some industries that we have experience with include: Automobile manufacturers, Semiconductors/High-Tech, Banking, Recreational Boats, Telecommunications and Travel and Tourism.

Send us an e-mail, and if you're a relatively large company or small start-up, let EEK! start working for you....eek@adexec.com